Here at Core Support, we put the customer first always. It even reflects in our motto, “we buy cars FAST!” Our customers all over the Tampa Bay area say great things about us and what we do, and we’d like to share some with you.


“I did my research and called around. After calling around 4 different companies, I chose Core Support. They paid me more than any other company and got my my cash fast.”

Larry Lesperance

Tampa, Fl


“The guy that came to my house knew what he was doing from the get go. Core Support helped me out of a tight situation on the same day I called them. You can’t beat that.”

Arnolo Lopez

Tampa, Fl


“My car’s engine blew and I didn’t know what to do with it and no one would buy it because of how old it was. I saw that Core Support buys any and every car and they were right. I got $400 for a car that would never see the road again.”

Gary W. Miles

Brooksville, Fl


“An old roommate left their car on my lawn after leaving town and my homeowner’s association was going to fine me if I didn’t remove it. I didn’t have the title and didn’t know what to do. I tried giving Core support a call and not only did they remove the car the next day, but they paid me¬†for it!”

Aloisa Lucciano

Palm Harbor, Fl


“Selling my car to Core Support was the easiest thing I’ve done in a long time. I just gave them my car and they did the rest. No headache.”

Lashonda Wheatly

Lutz, Fl


“My shop had three cars that were accumulating dust because the owners wouldn’t pay their bill and come get it. I called Core Support and that problem went away fast, just like they say.”

Sean Bucks

Hudson, Fl


“My son totaled his first car and there was nothing we could do with it. I couldn’t afford to fix it, but Core Support paid me cash for a lost cause and I was able to put it towards my son’s second car.”

Kelly Howard

Riverview, Fl

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