Frequently asked Questions:

What do I need to sell you my vehicle?

To sell your vehicle to us, you need a valid drivers license or valid state ID.

I lost the title to my vehicle. Can I still sell it

Yes! Here at Core Support we understand that it’s easy to lose paperwork and if that happens to you, we are happy and more than able to apply for a duplicate title or apply for one on your behalf.

Do you guys pay in check or cash

Here at Core Support, we believe that CASH is king!

What about towing? Do you guys charge me for that?

Charge you for towing? No, no, and NO! Core Support pays for towing to our facility and we can come pick your car up at your convenience, 24/7!

Do I have to be present to sell my car? I wanted to have my friend or relative take care of it.

Core Support is made of people just like you. They have responsibilities and lives and we understand that things get busy. No, you do not have to be present to sell your car, but the person present for you must be over 18 years old and have a valid drivers license or state ID.

I can’t find my OUT OF STATE title. Will you still buy it?

Sadly, at this time Core Support is unable to process lost out of state titles.

The Owner of the vehicle passed away, can I still sell the car?

If the last registered owner is deceased, we will need to collect a copy of the death certificate OR the seller can sell vehicle under the Florida Derelict Law and provide us with a smudge free finger print.

Do you buy vehicles with a lien?

YES-we purchase vehicles with liens as long as the lien is not newer than 1 year. The customer’s payout will be adjusted based on the lien type and year issued.

Do you purchase an Out-of-State Vehicle without a title?

YES – we purchase out of state vehicles with or without a title. There will be a price adjustment given to the customer based on which state the vehicle originated in.


We can purchase vehicles with no keys and there is no deduction for this.

I have a title but it is not in my name / never registered / open title. Are you still going to purchase?

We can purchase vehicles with OPEN TITLE, we would show customer where to sign on title in order to give them a chain of possession that the DMV would allow.

Do you purchase vehicles that are damaged by fire?

NO, we do not take fire-damaged vehicles.

Do you purchase vehicles without an engine or transmissions?

NO, we do not take SHELLS.