Fequently Asked Questions

Q: What proper documentation do I need to sell the vehicle if the owner or family member is deceased?

A: If last registered owner is deceased, we will need to collect a copy of the death certificate or the seller can sell the vehicle under the Florida Derelict Law and provide us with a smudge free finger print.

Q: Can you still buy my vehicle if I don't have the title?

A: Yes, as long as you have a valid identification or drivers license and willing to provide a smudge free finger print we can purchase the vehicle.

Q: What if my vehicle has a lien?

A: Yes, we can purchase vehicles with liens. The lien newer than 1 year will require the seller to pay the remaining balance and will be adjusted based on the lien type and year issued.

Q: What if my vehicle has no title or out of state?

A: We can purchase out of state vehicles with or without a title. There will be a price adjustment given to the customer based on which state the vehicle originated in.

Q: Do I have to have keys to sell my vehicle?

A: We can purchase vehicles with no keys and with no deductions.

Q: Can I have a title that has not transferred to my name, never registered or has an open title?

A: We can purchase vehicles with an open title. We would guide the seller where to sign the title in order to give them a chain of possession the Florida DMV would allow.

Q: If my vehicle has fire damage, can the vehicle be purchased?

A: Unfortunately, we do not take fire damaged vehicles.

Q: I don't have an engine or transmission in my vehicle, can the vehicle be purchased?

A: No, we do not purchase missing engine or transmission vehicles.

Q: Will I get paid with a check or cash?

A: We pride ourselves on cash direct to the customer. We pay cash on the spot.

Q: What type of vehicles do you purchase?

A: We buy cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in a wide range of conditions, years, makes and models.