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Why Core Support?

There's a lot of competition out there when it comes to cars, so why go with us? It's simple:

  1. We pay the MOST CASH. Our TOP DOLLAR guarantee never fails!
  2. We'll NEVER charge you for a tow. Other companies will charge you up to $50 to get rid of that junk car on your lawn. Don't let the county or the homeowner's association make money off of you. They can charge you up to $75 PER DAY if they tow your car away. Instead, GET PAID FOR YOUR CAR!
  3. CASH. COLD HARD CASH! That is how we pay you. Don't let competitors fool you with next day payment or checks! We pay you THE SAME DAY IN CASH, GUARANTEED!
  4. We'll do all the heavy lifting! Our buyers will come to you rain, snow, sun, or shine, and do all the paperwork, arrange for the towing, and give you your cash. All you need is your driver's license. Most scrap yards require you to bring the car to them yourself before you'll get paid, but the worst part is they'll PAY YOU LESS THAN US. Why waste time or money trying to get the car down there or arrange for a tow truck when we'll do it all for you and PAY YOU FOR IT?
  5. Out of every automotive recycler in Florida, we have the BIGGEST SERVICE RANGE! We service Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando counties.
  6. We're pros at this! We aren't just some guy with a heavy truck and a trailer. Our tow trucks are insured, licensed, bonded, and all have at least 10 years experience in what they do! Our buyers aren't just salesmen in cheap suits hired to make you take less money. All of our buyers have experience in the automotive field and know what your car is worth!